Beginners surf lessons

At Soul Surf Surfing School, we begin your first surf lesson by teaching you the basics of surfing, such as, water safety, surfing etiquette, wave dynamics, how to paddle a surfboard, how to catch a wave, as well as, how to stand up and ride a wave on a surfboard.

Intermediate Surf Lessons

Our intermediate surf lessons  will help you gain confidence in the waves and improve your surfing skills.

We will continue to focus on the fundamentals of surfing, but will begin to introduce exercises and concepts to help take your surfing to a whole new level.

The intermediate surf camps with include surf tours, as well as, surf coaching by a qualified surf instructor.  You will be required to catch and ride waves in the chest to shoulder high range and feel comfortable in situations were other surfers may be in your vicinity.

Kids surf lessons

Kids are ready to start surfing at 5 years old! We always recommend kids 12 years old and younger take private lessons.

Group Surf Lessons

Are designed for novice and beginning surfers. The entire group or family can learn to surf with Soul Surf  Surfing School´s group and Family Surf Lessons package. For every 3 surfers Soul Surf Surfing School offers one instructor.

A 3:1 Ratio Participants/Surf instructor will work individually with you and your friends on surfing technique to ensure that you learn the right way from the start. We start you off easy with the basics and give you a foundation to build on.

Private surf lessons

Learn to surf on Costa Rica with de true spirit of surfing Armel Menendez and get a uniquely experienced surf coaching.

The one on one coaching and analysis of your technique will take your excitement and enthusiasms of surfing to a much higher level and your enjoyment of the sport with soar.

Local Surf Guide

Advanced surf guide Costa Rica, ready to take your surfing to next level?

Join Armel Menendez for an advanced surfing “workshops” on the pacific of Costa Rica.


We are located at Playa Hermosa of Jaco, on the central pacific of Costa Rica.

Playa Hermosa, Garabito Municipality 61101, Costa Rica

Phone:  (506) 8639-6728

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